Privacy Policy

Who are we?
Welcome to Dubai Action. Our service allows makes it easy to find local likeminded people that share your interests – a community where you feel like you belong.
To be able to achieve this, there is information that is required to be collected from you. Detailed in this policy is the information we collect, why and how it is used and who has access to it.

What personal data do we collect and why do we use it?
To set up an account there is information that is required for the profile to be established such as your email address, phone number, name, username, date of birth, profile picture, the industry and occupation you work in and whether you identify as male, female or other.
Excluding your email address and phone number the other information provided within your profile will be publicly available within the app including any additional photos uploaded to your profile so this should always be a consideration when adding information and content to your account. This information is used so that other users can review your profile and understand more about you.

Information we receive when you are using the service
Analytical information to understand how you are interacting with the app. The aim of this is for continuous improvement with features and development. Examples of this may be date and time you logged into the app, the features, searches and profiles shown to you and the number of people you connect with.
Communication with other users, their profile information, the volume and frequency including the dates and time of messaging.
Information of the device you are using including the model of your device, the version, operating system, it’s memory, application and device identifiers including IP address, browser type and time zone.
Your camera and photo library for uploading profile pictures.
Location information is a fundamental feature to the app.
Whilst using the service this is required to be enabled so that other users can find your profile and see your posts when they are in the same location as you. To improve the accuracy of the location we may use techniques such as GPS, phone towers, wireless networks and device sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses.
We collect cookies to understand your interaction with either our service or that of our partners such as advertising.
We may use information collected on other websites to improve the relevancy of the ads shown to you.
You can alter the settings of cookie collection which may affect the relevancy or functionality of the service.
We collect information when using our website such as the device information and IP address, browser type and languages.
The details in which you have used the service and the frequency and times. What you have viewed on our website and the pages you navigate prior to and after accessing our website.
Your connected social media accounts, although these may be subjected to their own privacy policies and terms and conditions.

How we use the information
We seek to improve our services and products and understand the functionality of the product by analysing the usage.
We use your contact information to communicate with you via a variety of methods using the information you have given to us.
Tailor the content specific to you through offers, services and products which we deem to be relevant to you.
Understand usage geographically by reviewing information collected from your location.
Verifying the account details during the verification process.
Sharing Information
Information provided to set up your profile will be shared with other users.
This information is used so that other users can review your profile and understand more about you.

With third parties
Providers who assist with analysis and optimising the performance and service of our app may have access to your information. Including, data hosting, maintenance, analytics, marketing, customer care, functionality and delivering ad’s.
If we are requested to comply with legal investigations from the governmental authorities.
To investigate and rectify any infringement to our terms and conditions, fraud cases to maintain the safety of the community, company or public.

Information disclosure and controls
You have the ability to add, delete and amend information disclosed within the app.
You are able to amend settings within your device to restrict access to your data which could impact the functionality of the app.
You have the ability to delete your account completely. There may be a period of time where your information remains on our servers, before the account is deleted.
We store data until the service ceases to exist or until you delete your account.
Transfer of data internationally
We operate globally, and to be able to perform this service your information may be stored and processed outside the country in which you live. Therefore there is the possibility that information will be shared both internally and externally with our parties and/or third parties worldwide.

Privacy policy revisions
Should the privacy policy be modified or updated this will be reflected In the release date enclosed within the policy which is available to be viewed within the app or on our website, we may notify you of changes via email or providing an in-app notification.

Children’s Privacy
Our service is restricted to those over 18 years old. Therefore we do not knowingly collect information from those under the age of 18 years old. If you suspect a user is under the age of 18 please report using the function within the service to bring this to our attention.

You have the right to review and obtain the personal data we store on you for your own use. You can request this information by emailing [email protected].